PB Elite 6″ Firm Round Molded Foam Roller


PB Elite Molded Foam Rollers do not contain cells making them last three times longer than traditional, celled, white foam rollers.

PB Elite Molded Foam Roller Features:
Unlike traditional celled foam rollers that break down and flatten out, these molded rollers do not have cells and therefore will last much longer.
Available in three sizes, all sizes have a three year warrant.

Use round foam rollers for myofascial release, self-massage, and alignment.
The foam rollers improve alignment and hip mobility while increasing core flexibility.
PB Elite Molded Foam Rollers can also be used for Pilates, yoga, massage therapy and physical therapy.

Available Sizes:
3′ Long, 6″ Round
18″ Long, 6″ Round
1′ Long, 6″ Round

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